The finances are hard.
You want peace of mind.

Aged Care Bonds and Financial Planning Advice in Sydney from Aged Care Assistance Experts

Life has a habit of serving up unexpected challenges. The need of full time aged care for a family member and their urgent entry into a nursing home, often seems to come out of nowhere and can quickly throw the best laid plans of the family into disarray. The good news is that aged care financial planning is a proven method to help new Sydney aged care residents and their families save money, and avoid costly mistakes. Aged care financial planners help to provide peace of mind and guidance through the admission process, which can include arranging the finances in such a way that better quality aged care homes for your loved one become a real option. Aged care assistance can help you to maximise pension benefits and income, and to minimise the costs of the aged care homes.

Sydney Aged Care Financial Advisers (SACFA) has provided information and aged care financial advice to thousands of  Sydney residents. We offer transparent services and competitive fee structure to reduce your financial burden. We are specialists in aged care accommodation bonds and our team of financial advisers are expert in optimising your cash-flow.

The first consultation with us is FREE. If you can benefit from our advice we will then quote for a financial plan to suit your requirement, and the ‘fixed price’ fee will then charged upon delivery of the financial plan.

In addition, we note many people harbour very tender sentiments regarding their home and do not wish to sell it to pay the aged care bonds amount. If you happen to belong to this category, then SACFA may also help you in this regard with a well-planned Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) strategy that allows you to pay the accommodation bond but keep your home.