Moving into Aged Care

The Australian Government has identified five clear steps of placement into aged care facilities:

Step 1

Assessment of eligibility (+ Centrelink assessment if on pension)

Step 2

Finding accommodation

Step 3

Working out the cost (you should receive financial advice by this point)

Step 4


Step 5

Moving in and settling

The local Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) is the first port of call for your loved one (the resident). ACATs are normally based in hospitals and may include a nurse, doctor or social worker whose job it is to make the formal assessment for every person going into care.

Once the resident has been assessed by ACAT, they may suggest some appropriate aged care facilities in the local area, however it is the responsibility of the family to find accommodation.

The Commonwealth government website titled ‘my aged care’ allows you to search for aged care facilities in your area.

This is often the most stressful part for families. Working out how to pay or fund accommodation bonds can be hard.

However it is a lot easier if you know exactly how much your loved one can afford for care before you start contacting facilities for admission into aged care.

Ideally, it is at this point that you should consult us on 1300 659 677.